Thursday, January 29, 2009

A work in progress…

…was, as I recall, said of America (read: USA) itself. (Not de Tocqueville, if memory serves. Whoever he was, he was probably native to the soil; either a prez or equally eminent.) As I view the news aslant and as askant as I can (trying very hard not to become calloused again), I note that the early “reports” (the facts, mind you, not the interpretation of same by journos nor their licensed mouthpieces in the world of punditry) are that the Boss is doing pretty good--sang froid, savior faire, joi de vivre, et alia. (I do so enjoy using foreign expressions; I get to put them in italics and use extra html code. Also, makes me feel sophisticated, don’cha’know?) This heartens me and gives enough courage to throw down the enclosed.

I believe the youtube ID says “campaign video 1”, which was the working title when I uploaded it. The reason for this was also that, in my “video diary” of that particular portion of 2008, it was supposed to be at position one on the DVD. It was actually the last one of the batch (there were two, actually) because it had to be d-l’ed from the cell and then sequenced. And because of the fact that it was silent, it had to be (gulp!) narrated. There was a Vegas lounge vet on Ed Sullivan who used to do these bits about people doing slide shows of their vacations; that was my first exposure to “dry” comedy. Also, I believe it forever queered me to the idea that anyone would want to see somebody else’s home movies, or ancillary events. So, well…this is just to say that it was neither an ego thing or sequelmania or anything like that. That there might not be a second or even a third didn’t occur to me; I just wanted to get it done by the Inauguration. However, life, as it is wont to do, intervened.

That is enough preamble. Further discussion is purely up to you. Period.

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