Friday, October 10, 2014 has to do more with entropy than ennui...

Leon Boltzmann, 19th century physicist, came up with the formula that proves the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which says (for non-science fans in a non-science format) that all energy in the universe tends towards its lowest level. (Of course, he calls this "high-entropy", which can be confusing if you think about it too much.) And, since the final demise of my beloved sister, Diane, a couple years back, I found that a lot of energy had gone out of my universe. And while the latter condition is not attributable to that one event, it must be said: such are the nature of chain reactions.

Hence, this empty blog.

Today? Nothing more to say either. This is, like a lot of the posts here, a place marker: something that should be said but never was. However, it can serve one purpose at least.

The video clip is the only available fragment of Diane as a living presence on this planet. It happened at a time when I was in film school and had access to a camera, and was testing it out to see what things looked like thru the lens. The scenario needs no further explanation other than the obvious influence of Mack it is also silent. You will never hear her laugh.

But I still do.