Monday, October 20, 2008 way of introduction...

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I have, nevertheless, prepared a few brief remarks which I trust will explain my position on the matter before us today.

That being said, I herewith throw my hat into the ring.

The blogring, to be specific.

The only reason for anyone to visit sites is, as it has been my experience, to download music albums or to exchange views on one subject or another. The former is beyond me at this point, having found, as well, that the web contains more goodies and surprises than I ever owned in my entire life. I have also read enough to know that it is bad etiquette to post another person's collection (which I believe is the same thing as pirating links, if I understand that correctly). So it would be the latter purpose, more than any other, which I may offer as justification.

I used to be a professional writer. It is something of a habit, this "self-expression," and difficult to break. Worse, after years of riding on the subways of New York, witnessing the behavior of those less acclimatized to our era's demands, given over to such things as muttering and scratching while constantly scribbling over & over in blue Bic pen certain sections of the Learning Annex giveaway course catalogs in a manic fashion usually referred to as "graphology" in Psychology indices, I have begun to wonder if that particular mental malady might be manifesting itself in some of mine own activities. This, then, comes under the heading of therapy for a slightly disordered mind. I stress "slightly" as it is only the need to communicate something which infects me--not that I cannot make a logical sequence of sentences to form arguments.

So? What? One thing I have found out about this--ah--keystroking (?--probably need a better verb, but that will do for now) is that it does get compulsive and any entry should be much shorter than this one is. And it should also have a picture (preferably not one under copyright). As I have gained some felicity for taking random pasteboards presented to me in my travels, at home and abroad, and creating somewhat amusing texts to accompany those reverse-side images, to offer a mild relief for my friends from the tedium of bills and credit card offers that make up the bulk of the US Postal System's dleiveries, I wanted to call this "Postcards from the Id" but that was already taken. However, the above caption is even less of a limitiation so it may stay for now. As for what will come next here, I honestly do not know. The shape of the future is cloudy to me, outside of a landslide victory for Obama.

But enough of me, and now you.

You are as yet an open question, a speculation. Possibly even a phantom of my imagination.

We shall see. For the moment, we will just have to mix metaphors of the sensory variety and "see" how it "feels".

...this is a test...

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